Attorney Profile

Meredith Baker is an experienced trial lawyer, dedicated to serving each client with her extensive experience in family law, domestic violence and criminal law.

Meredith M. Baker, Esq


Ms. Baker and her legal team make it a priority to focus on the clients’ needs, providing compassionate legal counsel. Ms. Baker ensures that her clients are empowered throughout the legal process by explaining their rights and presenting all legal options.

She will work closely with her clients to represent them aggressively and will ensure a resolution is reached that is most beneficial for them.
Meredith Baker has experience as a prosecutor in New Mexico, California, Washington D.C. and New York.
Ms. Baker graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 2007. While attending the first tier school, Meredith gained valuable experience clerking at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Ms. Baker served as associate counsel to the Inspector General for Amtrak between 2009-2011, where she gained valuable experience as a specially appointed prosecutor in New Mexico, California, Washington D.C. and New York. From 2011-2012, Ms. Baker served as the Securities Attorney for the State of New Mexico, Regulation and Licensing Department. In 2012, Ms. Baker entered private practice, concentrating in family law, children’s law and felony sex assault cases.

Ms. Baker currently maintains a license to practice law in New York, California and New Mexico.The Law Offices of Meredith Baker provide consultations that are completely confidential, and the law offices of Meredith M. Baker are conveniently located in Albuquerque, California and New York. Meredith represents clients inAnnulmentsChild SupportChild CustodyCollaborative DivorceAlimonyDissolution SeparationDivision of Marital PropertyDivision of Retirement Benfits, Divorce Lawyers, Domestic Partnership AgreementsDomestic Violence CasesDomestic ViolenceFamily Law InformationFamily LawFamily Support InformationGuardianshipPaternity CasesPost-Judgement ModificationsPrenuptial and Postnuptial AgreementsPrenuptial/Antenuptial AgreementsRestraining OrdersUncontested Divorce,  Criminal Defense cases.