Dependency Court/Abuse and Neglect Cases

The Children’s Court (called the Child Dependency court in California) is established to protect children from abuse or neglect that occurs in the home. The Children’s Court can make orders to:

  • Take children away from your home
  • Send your children to live with relatives or foster care
  • Terminate your parental rights
  • Create new parental rights

The abuse & neglect process can be traumatic and stressful for both the parent and the child. The Law Office of Meredith Baker believes that the best place for a child is with his or her own family, as long as he or she is safe and cared for. Meredith Baker has compiled and developed information regarding the child dependency system so that the parent has a general understanding of the complex court process. Ms. Baker and her office team are willing to assist you through the dependency court process and will fight to ensure that you remain the primary caretaker of your child.