Estate Planning

Estate planning is not a topic that most of us are comfortable with, or even think is applicable for our lives. Many of us think, “Estate planning is not for me because I don’t have an estate!” If you have minor children, estate planning is a necessity. Most of us cannot tolerate even the idea of being permanently parted from our children, but in the event we may face mortality prior to our young children, it is imperative that we make proper and careful plans for who will be there to guide them through the rest of childhood and life, to provide them with their material needs to survive and thrive, and to support and nurture them through the challenges they will face having lost one or both parents.

Meredith Baker can provide you with the information you need to understand exactly how estate planning applies to all of us, and to guide you through the simple process of organizing and planning for the distribution of all the personal and important items and assets in your life, including a home, life insurance policy values, annuities, retirement benefits, liquid cash, and of course, personal effects.

Ms. Baker will assist you in with an inventory, and craft the best way to protect and distribute your assets when it is time to pass those things along.