Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

Marriage is a unique endeavor in our culture because, in many ways, it is a social and religious institution with traditions and defining values that have been a core part of human civilization for thousands of years. However, modern American marriage is also two people freely entering into a legal and contractual relationship that legally obligates the parties in a marriage to comply with the federal and state laws, both during the marriage and after a divorce. If the time comes to dissolve a marriage, the function of the courts is to dissolve that contract and divide the property, income, assets, debt, and children born of that contract according only to the law. Premarital and postmarital agreements allow the parties to plan their lives together so their futures are more certain.

Meredith Baker will prepare you for entry into an extremely important personal relationship and contract feeling confident and knowledgeable about what’s ahead. As a client, you will find Ms. Baker’s professional and personal experience invaluable as you construct, with love and optimism, the future you want for yourself, the partner.